BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The podcast is reinventing and becoming the Mom On Purpose With Natalie Bacon podcast. In this episode, I (Natalie) go behind the scenes of my life and business to share more about the rebrand and mission of the company. Tune in to learn why Mom On Purpose is mission-driven and how you can get the most out of the podcast going forward. Plus a look ahead at the next few months on the podcast and what you can expect (spoiler: it’s going to be AMAZING!!).

If you’re a mom, you’re in the right place. This is a space designed to help you overcome challenges and live your best life. I’d love for you to join me inside the Mom On Purpose Membership where we take this work to the next level.

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Welcome to Mom On Purpose, where it’s all about helping moms overcome challenges and live their best lives. My hope is by being here, you are more inspired to become the mom you are made to be. I’m Natalie, your host, a wife, boy mom dog, mama, Chicagoan, and former lawyer turned professionally certified coach. If you’re here to grow, I can help. Let’s go.

Hello my friend. Welcome to the podcast, the very new and improved podcast. Today’s episode is a behind the scenes look at my company’s rebrand and everything that entails and what you can expect on the podcast and in my programs going forward. So today is the first day that this podcast is now rebranded to the Mom on Purpose with Natalie Bacon podcast. My company’s name is now Mom on Purpose on Instagram, I am mom.onpurpose, and I think Facebook and Pinterest it’s Natalie@MomonPurpose.

So this name is so much more mission-driven and that was a huge reason for the rebrand. I found that over the last couple of years the tools inside my program, the results my clients are getting are phenomenal, truly amazing, and I want to grow my company exponentially. And when I troubleshoot what I can do differently to help make that happen, one of the main things that I see is that there has been a disconnect between all of the different names that I was using and that led to it not being as clear as it could be. So I talked about this inside the program, but I want to mention it here publicly on the podcast as well. I was listening to a podcast years ago, a marketing podcast that really stuck with me. Dean Jackson was talking about how he was helping his client, a bakery sell cookies in the morning and they weren’t selling in the morning, they were selling fine in the afternoon.

And what he had them do was rebrand the cookies to be called Breakfast Cookies. I don’t know about you, but I think this is brilliant because I know if I go up to a bakery and it is 8:00 AM and there is something called breakfast cookies compared to something just called cookies, I’m so much more likely to purchase the breakfast cookies because it’s a very clear explanation of what it is. I don’t have to kind of make that decision in my mind for myself, it’s just very clear just by the name. So when I was looking at the names that I’ve used in my company, there was, Natalie Bacon coaching, Natalie Bacon Coaching on all of the social handles. Then there is Grow You the name of the program. And then the podcast was Designed Your Dream Life with Natalie Bacon, a lot of different names, and not only that, but none of them are really descriptive.

So it wasn’t obvious what the mission of the company was, what it’s all about. It definitely wasn’t as simple and obvious as something like breakfast cookies, for example. So you really had to hang around for a while to understand kind of the purpose of this work and what my programs really are about and all of that. And plus a lot of the names are about me and this company isn’t about me at all. I love being the leader of it. I’m going to continue being the leader of it, but I wanted a more mission-driven umbrella that we can all unite around and it feels more inspiring to think about in that way. So instead of it being called or Natalie Bacon Coaching or Grow You or Design Your Dream Life with Natalie Bacon, it is now all going under the Mom on Purpose brand.

This means that the program is now Mom On Purpose, the membership on Instagram, it’s Mom.OnPurpose, as I mentioned on the other social handles, it’s Natalie@Mom On Purpose and then this podcast is Mom On Purpose with Natalie Bacon. So I think that kind of when you hear Mom On Purpose, it really reflects the mission of the company to help moms navigate challenges and live their best lives. It’s about providing those mental and emotional wellness tools to make day-to-day life and motherhood better and easier. When I hear Mom On Purpose, I feel really lit up inside. I feel energized. It’s also very clear to me what it is. For those of you who may not know this, I teach business as well and I have a business program that I periodically launch behind the scenes for people who follow along just for business.

And that is called Business on Purpose. So that program was something that has been named that for years and it’s kind of what got my wheel splitting about a similar brand name for the umbrella of the company, which is ultimately what I landed on with Mom On Purpose. So most of the work that I do is teaching women how to manage their minds using their prefrontal cortex instead of living on default on autopilot. And this just is a different way of saying living purposefully or intentionally. And so I just think that it fits so nicely with the Mom On Purpose, mission, and brand and clients that it’s almost so obvious to me. I don’t even know why it took me this long to see it now that I look back on all of the different names I was using it, it feels confusing to me even though at the time it wasn’t confusing because I was so in it.

And that’s really what I teach with respect to reinvention. It’s sort of separating yourself from whatever it is that you’re analyzing, whether it’s your behavior, yelling at your kids, your marriage, your business, your career. You sort of get out whatever is in your mind onto paper and analyze it and take a look at it and see what you can learn and see where you can grow. And that is exactly what I’m doing with this rebrand and repositioning. I am even more on fire than I have ever been. I feel so aligned and so connected to you. I think that this is so important to me and so energizing to me because I use these tools daily in my life. I talk to myself with so much more softness and self-compassion. I have less overwhelm and anxiety and frustration. I’m able to repair and minimize any yelling and I think I just make better decisions and live with fewer regrets.

And so many of these shifts are internal and sometimes hard to quantify. And yet they’ve made the biggest impact in my life. And of course there are all of the external examples of how my life has changed from these tools as well. Whether it’s losing 40 pounds twice postpartum with each of my kids, which I did, whether it’s moving across the country twice with my husband just because we wanted to live somewhere different. I went from not being a dog person to totally becoming obsessed with dogs. And when I think back to 10 years ago and what I wanted for my life, I would have just melted. My mind would’ve been completely blown knowing that 10 years later I would have the life that I have I dreamed of having my current life. And if you would have told me that this would be it, I would’ve just been elated, mind blowing right there because it would’ve been hard to even believe you.

It was a total dream and now it’s my every day. Now it’s my baseline. And so that is the work and I want to continue doing that work in my life. And again, I’m just sharing this with you not to brag, but just to show you that the reason I feel so called to help other women and moms with this work is because of the impact it’s had in my life. I’m constantly reinventing and growing and evolving and I don’t do it perfectly by any means, by any stretch of the imagination. But I keep trying and I feel good about that and that’s really the message that I want to deliver to you. If you feel stuck or unsure or like you want to achieve something like a weight loss goal and you haven’t been able to or you want to feel less overwhelmed and it’s been hard.

Stick with this work my friend, it really does work. I was coaching one of my private clients and we have a private DM Slack community just with myself and the private client. And this client in there said to me, wow, just wow, I’ve been using these tools and it is work, but it’s like magic. Like you have to learn it, but then once you learn it, it really is magic. And I thought this might be the most favorite description of this work that I’ve ever heard. Yes, it’s work, but also it’s magic. And what she was saying is really why I am so passionate about this because her life is now changed forever, not just in that micro moment. She’s navigating challenges with her spouse of almost 30 years I think. And so when you learn these tools and you actually apply them to your life, your life radically changes.

And I feel so blessed and called to help as many women and moms with this work as possible. And I just think that I want to continue leading this company and being the coach in my program and the teacher on the podcast and kind of sharing behind the scenes on Instagram. And I want to continue to do all of that. But I want us all to rally around a better brand name that exemplifies all of the work that we are doing here. So my friend Mom On Purpose, mom.onpurpose on Instagram, the membership is now Mom On Purpose membership. The podcast is now Mom On Purpose with Natalie Bacon. And depending on the timing of the backend tech, which by the way there is so much of, I am so grateful for my team and the team of of people who are developers and just really know their stuff because it is like a foreign language and, and there’s a lot of moving parts, everything from legal to the developers to the hosts to a few more people involved as well.

So all of that is to say the website is also At the time that this is released, it’s hard to say if it will exactly already be that or not, but shortly, if it already isn’t, it will be So you can still go to and it will forward you to And throughout this next couple of weeks, everything will be under this umbrella name. So I feel really energized about it. And my hope of course is that you do as well and that you feel the mission and the connection and the energy behind the brand so that we can continue doing this work together. I recently posted a post on Instagram that was really popular and well received, and I think it just exemplified exactly how these tools have such a profound impact on my life in a way that is really seemingly small, but it’s actually huge.

So I just want to read to you the caption really quick. I said this morning I noticed the messy playroom, the stack of laundry and baskets and dishes in the sink. I immediately felt behind I could easily spend every minute of every day doing more and still there would be more to do. And this is with an amazing husband who contributes. It’s hard to sit down and rest these days, but what I’ve learned is to be softer and more loving to myself, to not need to “earn my rest”, to allow myself to sit in an undone state because I’m a human being, not a human doing. It sounds like this, “you’ve wanted this your whole life.” And, ” A lived in home is a sign of a full family.” And “It can wait.” Instead of “I need to have things perfect.” Or “I can’t keep up.” Or “It’s just too much.” Which would’ve been my default mindset without thinking more deliberately.

If anything, let this be a sign to untie your home from how good of a wife or mom you are. Let it be a sign to sit down, let the laundry or dishes wait and take a minute to relax. You deserve it. You don’t need to earn it. How clean your house is means nothing about how good of a woman, wife, or mom you are. You are amazing. That’s who you are. Your home has nothing to do with it. So I share that with you here because to me that is such a small example of doing this work in my everyday life that has a huge impact. The way that I feel about myself and my home and how I’m showing up as a wife, a woman, a mom, is all impacted by the thoughts that I think.

And choosing more deliberate thoughts like a lived in home is a sign of a full family is something that I’ve conditioned my brain to do instead of what my default brain would do, which is to think a thought like I can’t keep up. Those little thought swaps, practice repeatedly over time make a huge impact in how you feel and therefore how you show up in your life. And that is the work that we’re doing. That’s why it’s really about your mental and emotional wellbeing, creating the future you that you want to create. So I’m really excited about this. The last thing that I wwant to mention is what’s to come in the next several weeks. I thought it would be really fun and energizing and connecting to do several weeks of Mom On Purpose Foundational podcast episodes. So you are going to hear me revisit topics, but in a very new way that I’ve never done before, so that you can hear the foundational tools all talk kind of in a row that will help you apply this work to your life.

So it’s completely free. You don’t have to be in the membership at all. If you are in the membership, these will just help you take that work to the next level. So that’s what’s to come. It’s really going to be several weeks. It will last probably a couple months and we are going to dive into the foundational principles and tools that can help you show up in your life on purpose. I’m so grateful you’re here. My mission continues to be to provide you with the best tools to help you overcome daily challenges in motherhood and reinvent yourself so you can create the change you want and live your best life. Here’s to living life a little bit more purposefully. Thanks for being here, my friend. See you next week. Take care.

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