Morning Habits For Busy Moms

As a mom, my mornings look a lot different than they used to. Yet, prioritizing my own wellbeing has become more important than ever before.

To make sure I live a healthy life, I’ve integrated healthy habits in the mornings.

When I start my mornings off right, I feel refreshed and energized, like I can take on the day.

If I don’t do these habits, I find myself sluggish, dragging, and feeling behind before the day has even started. They’re my go-to habits for healthy living.

If you’re looking for healthy morning habits to get started with, here’s what I recommend…

1. Get up one hour before the rest of your family.

This right here will change your life.

Getting up before your spouse and kiddos is the secret to practicing any sort of intentional morning routine successfully.

Personally, I’ve found one hour early to be the best, but if I can’t always swing a full hour, I’ll do 30 minutes. Any extra bit to get centered helps.

I like to say, “the mornings are for me and the days are for them.”


2. Practice 10 minutes of silence (meditate).

There’s always so much noise going on pretty much everywhere (figuratively and literally). If you don’t meditate, you’ll have all that chatter going on in your mind, too. And if you don’t, it’s likely because you’re numbing it out with escapes like food, TV/social media, shopping, etc.

The real way to quiet the noise is to meditate. This will help you bring a sense of calm not just to your day but to your life.

Instead of feeling triggered when your toddler won’t listen, you’ll be able to sail through that tantrum effortlessly. This is because meditation helps you practice a deregulated state. It’s a dedicated time for you to be quiet and at peace.

To get started, I recommend practicing 20 Minutes Of Silence (something I explain in more detail on Instagram here).

3. Journal and coach yourself.

Just like you need to take care of your physical health (with food and exercise), you need to take care of your mental health.

The best way to do this is to start a journaling practice. CLICK HERE to download my 75 Journal Prompts For Moms.

Journaling is an easy form of self coaching, where you’re taking a look at your mindset and life and thinking intentionally.

Inside Grow You, I teach a more advanced form of self coaching to rewire your default thinking to thinking on purpose.

4. Stretch or do yoga.

As moms, the weirdest things start to happen to our bodies. Our wrists hurt from carrying littles. Our backs are hunched over. It’s an entire physiology that happens without realizing it.

To get ahead of this and help your body out, start doing some simple stretches in the morning. If you know yoga, you can do that as well.

Make it easy and doable so you can be consistent. Every little bit of movement helps!


5. Drink a glass of water, plus your favorite drink (coffee and/or a smoothie).

Before you get to the coffee or breakfast, pour yourself a big glass of water. Drink the entire glass. After you’re done, then go to your next drink–coffee, smoothie, tea, etc.

It’s so important for your body that you hydrate completely before adding other food or drinks to it. And this one is so very doable if you make an intention to do it.

You’ll set your hunger and thirst queues up for success for the rest of the day with this habit.


6. Shower and get dressed.

Get out of your pajamas or sweats and put on some real clothes! This is something I learned from my mom and has had a huge impact on my life.

When you shower and get dressed you strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. If you don’t do this, and you only get dressed when you have somewhere to go, you’re saying that other people get your best. That your best is not good enough for you. That your best goes to everyone else.

It doesn’t have to be time consuming or more than you want to do. Instead, make it simple and fun.

For example, every day I shower and shave. Then I get dressed. Followed by blow drying my hair, straightening it a bit, and then putting on a little bit of makeup.

I’m ready for the day even if I have nowhere to go. I do this for me. Total game changer!


7. Listen to positive input while you’re getting ready.

Your mind has a 4:1 negativity bias. For every negative news story you hear about, you need four equal weighted stories to neutralize it. (More on this in the book: The Power Of Bad.)

This means that it’s so important to start off your day with positive input. You can get started by listening to my podcast, The Design Your Dream Life Podcast.

CLICK HERE to download the Podcast Directory, where I give you the exact episodes to listen to and in what order.

When you constrain what you listen to, you’ll feel your best all day.

A Final Note!

Healthy morning habits can be SIMPLE and still be effective.

The list above is an excellent way to get started with your own self care in a way that actually works given your family demands.

Remember: the mornings are for you and the days are for them.