A frequent message we receive is to be ourselves, but what does that mean? How do we know who we are? What does that really look like? I have a very different and fun episode for you this week, as I’m bringing Dana Stiles and Shayna Cornelius onto the show, and we’re talking all about the basics of Human Design.

Dana and Shayna are the founders of DayLuna, and they are on a mission to empower individuals toward self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity. They join me this week to share their expertise in the field of Human Design and give you some insights into living more purposefully.

Tune in this week to learn more about what Human Design is, how it works, and how it can help you start living more purposefully. Dana and Shayna share more about the five Human Design types, how to figure out your type, and how Human Design can help you achieve your goals with less resistance.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The five energy types of Human Design.
  • How Human Design can teach you about yourself.
  • Some actionable tips to apply in your life based on your Human Design type.
  • How to use Human Design to start living more purposefully.
  • The purpose of Human Design.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hi there. Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast. My name is Natalie Bacon, and I’m an advanced certified mindfulness life coach as well as a wife and mom. If you’re here to do the inner work and grow, I can help. Let’s get started.

Hello, my friend, welcome to the podcast. I have a very different and a very fun episode for you on human design. Before we dive in, I want to make sure that you know about the new three day workshop that I’m hosting called Becoming Her. I’m going to be teaching three days of mindfulness practices to help you reinvent yourself, as a woman, as a wife, as a mom in any of your roles for this upcoming year.

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With that, let’s dive into today’s episode. I’m bringing on Dana Stiles and Shayna Cornelius, who are founders of DayLuna. I’m interviewing them all about human design basics. Human design is something that I’ve heard about, I sort of knew a little bit about, but I really didn’t know too much about. So I wanted to bring them on to share their expertise with me and with you, and hopefully gain some insights into living more purposefully.

So a little bit more about them. They have a company called DayLuna. They also have a podcast called The Human Design Podcast from DayLuna. They are on a mission to empower individuals towards self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity. They also have a new book out called Your Human Design: Discover Your Unique Life Path and How to Navigate it With Purpose. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed recording it. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Natalie: Hello, my friends. Welcome to the podcast. I’m so happy that you are here with us.

Shayna: Thank you so much for having us. We’re excited to have this conversation.

Natalie: Yeah. So I just want to jump right in. Can you just start talking about what human design even is for the person listening who has heard of it, but maybe really doesn’t have a clue what it is? Speaking from experience here. I was researching ahead of this like not really sure but so excited to learn more about it.

Shayna: Yeah, so human design is you can call it like a spiritual science, if you will. It really shows you what your energetic body looks like, and how you can use your energy to interact with other people and the world around you in a way that serves you versus a way that has resistance or you’re trying to be like someone else or compare yourself to your boss or your coworker or your friend or your husband or whoever and trying to do things how they do them.

Human design really shows you okay, this is how your energetic body operates. This is how you can achieve your goals with less resistance and stop trying to be like other people, but really just be yourself. I feel like we get that messaging a lot, be yourself. But it’s like okay, well who is that? What does that really look like? Human design really answers that question.

If you think of your body, your energetic body, like a car, human design is telling you okay this is the type of car you are. You’ve been putting in diesel, but really you’re a hybrid. Or you’ve been acting like a hybrid, but really you need diesel, right. It tells you what type of gas you need in your car, and how to navigate the road.

So human design combines a few different systems. It uses Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Hindu Brahman chakra system, and the Kabbalah tree of life. It also combined some quantum mechanics and astronomy and some modern sciences. So it’s a mix of ancient sciences, modern sciences coming together to tell you as an individual how your energetic body works and operates in the world around you.

Natalie: Oh, I love that. I was going to ask about the kind of similarities or differences with astrology, but it sounds like this is a more detailed, comprehensive system or explanation of it. Would you say that’s right?

Dana: Yeah, definitely. It also is really a lot more practical. So in astrology, we’re just kind of looking at this is how my personality is, this is how I see the world, and it’s really kind of to help you reflect on those things. Whereas human design has those elements as well. Like it really tells you about your personality, about your gifts, about your life purpose, but it also tells you like this is how many hours of energy you have to work. You’re designed to have more structure or less structure.

So it really gets more into the practical, and it gives you tools, like specific strategies that you can use are applying to really start seeing change and to really come into greater personal alignment. So what we like about it is that it’s not just something to reflect on. It’s an experiment. You can actually start applying it and then see how that feels and see what comes to you in that time when you are operating in greater personal alignment.

Natalie: I love that. That’s so amazing. So how do we discover what our human design is? Like with astrology, there’s 12. How many different types of human design are there? If anyone’s listening, what would you suggest for going about figuring out what your human design is?

Dana: Yeah, so we recommend starting with generating your charts. You can go online and generate your human design chart for free at lots of different places online. You can go to our website if you’d like, daylunalife.com. You’ll enter in your birthday information, the location of your birth, and you do need your specific birth time. So it’s best if you can locate that on your birth certificate or call the hospital you were born at to check with their records. But once you enter in all that data, you’ll generate your chart.

A chart will come up that has an image of like a body graph that has all these shapes and numbers and arrows. You’re like oh my gosh, what does all of this mean? Because it’s so complex. We don’t want you to worry about any of that stuff right now. There’s going to be written categories on the side. That’s what we want you to look at as you follow along with this podcast.

You’ll see your name, and the first thing is you’ll see your type. So there are five different energy types in human design. Every single person is one of those five types. So this is the most broad category in human design. Beyond this, it gets extremely detailed and extremely specific, right? Each person is completely unique. Just like your thumbprint is absolutely unique, so is your human design. But you can start with knowing okay which of these five energetic types or aura types am I? If you only learn that one thing about human design, it is enough to completely change your life.

So while this is the most general starting point, we also think it’s a great and super helpful place to really tune into. So you will look and see next to type what does yours say? Does it say manifester, generator, manifesting generator, projector, or reflector? Those are the five different types. Shayna and I are both projectors. You Natalie are a manifesting generator.

So we encourage everyone at home to like pause this, go look up your chart, and see which one you are. So as we go through them you can kind of see if this resonates with you. We’ll tell you the strategy that you can start experimenting with to really start kind of moving into that greater personal alignment and that sense of ease.

Natalie: Yeah. Tell us one more time what your website is that they can go figure out their type again.

Dana: Yeah, so it’s daylunalife.com.

Natalie: Okay, perfect. I cheated ahead of time and looked up my chart. It’s so fun to read all of it. I barely know anything, and it still felt very helpful. Of course, I had to look up Steve’s, and I even looked up my eight month old son’s. It was fascinating because there are signs of it. Like, I’m sure we’ll get into this, but later on on his chart it said something about touch. He is so touch oriented. I just found that fascinating. Like, I’m not really like that. and I just pick up on that. It was just really insightful for me.

So I’m curious what to do with this chart. I know you have a book coming out. Will that be helpful? Or if there’s anything here, kind of why does this chart matter? How can it help us?

Shayna: Yeah, so this chart basically is telling you how you’re unique, and how you’re different. So the purpose of human design is to really give you confidence in knowing how to make decisions that are energetically correct for you, how to interact with other people in a way that serves you versus in a way that you feel like you’re swimming upstream, or you’re forcing things. So really, I want to say human design is all about self-love and confidence at the end of the day.

That question of who am I? Or why am I doing the things that I’m doing? Or why is it not working out for me? Those questions, really, I feel like fuel a lot of our human experience. Dana and I both had this experience where before having human design, we were working corporate jobs. We were so burnt out. We couldn’t figure out why we don’t fit in this corporate world, and why we can’t keep up with our coworkers, and why it just feels like for some reason, this isn’t my life.

Then having human design to really reflect back these are your gifts. This is what you’re here to do. This is how you’re here to operate and work. It really just validated okay everything that we’re feeling inside, and then gave us the tools to really navigate through that transition to now be living a life that really supports our energy. So when you look up your chart, we recommend starting with that broad category first, the type strategy, and then your authority is your decision making center. So Dana, do you want to talk about these different types?

Dana: Yeah, so with manifesters, manifesters are the first type that we’ll talk about. They’re less than 10% of the population. So it’s a bit more rare to be a manifester. Manifesters are individuals who are here to be a fire starter. They’re here to initiate change in the world. They have this sacred purpose of being someone who says one thing or does one thing, and it becomes a catalyst of change for others.

So manifesters, a big theme in their life is independence and freedom. They’re really here to do what they want to do. They’re really here to be bold. They are not here to sacrifice what they want to do for what other people expect them to do. So they have this very powerful aura, this very powerful presence when they walk into a room that is designed to impact and inspire.

Also it has this kind of closed quality to their aura. So you can’t quite read a manifester or put your finger on what they’re thinking the way you can other people. That can be kind of an energetic setup for misunderstanding and you kind of wanting to control this powerful person who’s doing all these new things and starting all these new things. So in order for a manifester to create more ease in their life so they can have more freedom to be who they are, their strategy is called informing.

So what that means as the more a manifester uses their voice to let people in on how they’re really feeling, what they’re thinking, what they’re wanting to do next. The more they communicate, they kind of open a window in that closed aura and allow people to really understand them. When people understand the manifester, they’re so much more likely to get on board and allow that manifester to have their freedom.

So, if anyone’s listening, if you’re a manifester, it can feel really difficult actually to start informing. It’s like the last thing that you want to do because you just want to do your own thing, right? It can feel like it’s slowing you down to have to let people in. But really, when you start experimenting with informing, applying this strategy to your life, you start to see that things really do feel easier. You’re getting to inspire people. You’re getting to have more freedom.

So the manifesters really have this purpose of initiating, starting new things, but they don’t have a consistent amount of energy to finish the things they start. They’re really just here to create and start and move on when they want to. When we get to the next type, generators, generators are more common. They’re about 37% of population. These are the people who have consistent energy to finish things.

Natalie: I was just gonna say this is my husband. Steve is a generator. So it’s fun to like also hear about other people who are different from you and kind of see the relational aspects. So go ahead, I just think it’s fascinating.

Dana: Yeah, so generators have this consistent amount of energy. We call them energy beings. So they’re really here to use this energy building and creating and working on things that really light them up. But they only have access to this consistent energy when they’re doing things they love. If they do not like their work, if they do not love what they’re doing, that energy drains, and they can experience burnout when really they’re designed to be this person who has tons of energy to work on what they love.

So a generator has this aura that feels so warm and cozy. Like everyone loves being around a generator. They just feel open, right. So different than a manifester. A manifester can kind of feel closed. Like you don’t quite know what they’re thinking. Generators feel warm and open. Everyone loves being around a generator, especially when a generator loves what they do. They are like oozing lifeforce energy, oozing energy around them. Everyone can really feed off of that.

So as a generator, because you’re so open, because you’re so capable, it’s kind of a perfect recipe for people pleasing. You can really get a lot of pressure about what you should do as a generator, right? What makes sense on paper, how you should work to support your family. So a great shift happens for generators when they start saying no to those should and they start saying yes to what truly lights them up.

Now, in order to find what truly lights them up, the correct thing to spend their energy on, they use their strategy, which is called waiting to respond. Now, what this means is that, first of all, they don’t need to seek and force. They can kind of sit back and let life come to them. Then tune into their body, not their mind, to see what’s really exciting for them, what’s gonna give them energy to work on this thing.

So when a generator comes across something, and their body is just like so energized, so excited to do this thing. They know that they’ve found something that’s really in alignment with who they are, with their gifts, and with their purpose versus let’s say they come across a job opportunity. In their mind, it’s like oh this makes so much sense on paper. I should do this. It earns the right amount of money, but my body just feels blah towards it. Right?

So listening to that body’s response, not your mind. That’s really how a generator begins to sort of navigate life and come into greater personal alignment. So with hearing these things about your husband, does all of that kind of resonate with him?

Natalie: Absolutely. It’s like so fascinating to hear you talk about it in that way. He is so well liked, so easygoing, so like amazing with other people. I think one of, if you can even call it a bad trait, is he can be accommodating. When you said the people pleasing, I think even in his words he would say that that’s something that is either a challenge for him or something that he works through when he’s making decisions. So it blows my mind a little bit to hear you explain it in that way because it’s exactly Steve.

Dana: I love that. Shayna’s husband’s a generator as well. I would use those same words to describe him. Like everyone loves him. He gets along with everyone. He’s so warm. He’s so open. If there was one thing for him to watch out for, it’d be over giving, right? Like over sacrificing himself. So I love that.

It kind of leads us into the next type, which is a manifesting generator. So this is about 35% of the population. As the name sounds, a manifesting generator is kind of like a hybrid of these first two types, manifester and generator. So Natalie, this is what you are.

For everyone listening, manifesting generators are really in the end, it’s like a generator, right? Where you have this surplus of consistent energy. You’re here to work on and build and create what you truly love. That’s the most important thing in your life. Are you getting to use your energy doing what you really want to do, doing what lights you up?

But like a manifester, you have also this part of your aura that’s very impactful and inspiring. You’re kind of here to shake things up as a manifesting generator. You’re here to do things a bit differently. You’re here to have freedom. You’re here to be a trailblazer.

So a generator can really have a bit more of a singular focus. Like okay, I found this one thing. I really want to master it. I want to be thorough. Whereas manifesting generators, these people are quick. They are efficient. They are jack of all trades. It’s like yes, I’m doing that, and I’m starting something new, and I have a side gig going. They need variety. If they’re only doing one thing and starts to feel monotonous, that’s going to drain this powerful surplus of energy that they have.

So if a manifesting generator is feeling super drained, feeling super burnt out, it could be because they don’t love their job. They don’t like how they’re spending their energy, and they feel bored or stuck in what they’re doing. So they can really give themselves permission to open up and allow more variety, allow more fun, allow more play, and really trust their body to guide them towards that.

So their strategy is the same as generators. It’s all about waiting to respond using your body not your mind to really know what is correct for you. So the same thing as a generator. Your mind could say just pick one thing, just pick one career, just force yourself to stick to it, like just get over it. But your body’s like no, I want to do this variety.

So a lot of man-gens as we call them for short, they own their own business, and they’re writing a book, and they have a side hobby where they’ve been creating crafts or art or something like that. People can have this conditioning of like you should just choose one thing. Why are you all over the place? But as a manifesting generator, that’s where you thrive, right. You end up really being inspiring and expansive and expanding other people because of the energy that you have.

It also can be helpful for you to inform, just like a manifester, because you are constantly moving from one thing to the next. You are efficient. You are quick. So just letting people in your life know what you’re thinking and what you’re wanting to do next, it creates more ease. People are way more likely to be on board with your growth and your evolution if you kind of keep them in the loop. So how does that feel to hear that?

Natalie: Oh, I love all of it. So much of it resonated and then at the end there kind of the tip or advice on informing, I had never thought of it in that way. But I wrote down the words freedom and variety. I know for myself I have always resonated with those words. I think anyone listening to this who knows me well, I know when my husband listens to it, he will probably be laughing at how much it sounds just like me with all of the things right.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I used to be an attorney. Then I was a financial advisor. I had my side gig when I was paying off my student loans. I’m always doing lots of things, and it energizes me. It’s not from scarcity. It really is because I feel called to do those things. I like hearing it from this perspective because it reminds me that not everyone is like this, and how informing others who are kind of close to me and how helpful that might be because their framework is going to be just different. That’s not wrong. None of these are right or wrong, right? It’s just a different way of being.

Shayna: Exactly. You informing to say I’m bored with this, or I’m interested in that, or I was researching this and now I want to explore here or want to pivot and change. You saying that just brings people on board because otherwise they can feel a little bit of whiplash. Like what? Last week you told me this so I thought that was the plan. I was committed to figuring that out or whatever. It can feel like they can’t keep up with you. Whereas if you just keep informing them then it’s like oh cool, love it. Keep going. I want to support you. I want to support your freedom.

Also, I just want to say weaving in play as a manifesting generator is so, so, so important. Things that aren’t productive, I put in quotes, because a lot of times we can get caught, especially as entrepreneurs, in every single side thing that we’re doing has to be productive. Really having things that are just playful for the sake of it just being fun really nourishes your energy. So yeah. Your type is vastly different from the next two that we’re gonna get into, and the next type is projectors. This is what Dana and I both are.

Dana: Yeah, so projectors are here to guide the energy use of others. So projectors are what we call non-energy beings meaning we do not create a consistent amount of energy, even if we are doing what we love right. So projectors are really designed to share their insight, to share their advice. They see the world in a different way than other people, and that is their main contribution. They are not able to do, do, do and create and build in such a sustainable and consistent way as with the other three types that we’ve talked about.

So for a projector, working only two to four hours a day of hard output is ideal and sustainable for you. So when Shayna and I heard this, we were working nine to five jobs. We were working 40 hours a week, and we were trying to stay extra. We were trying to do all the things. We were only 27 years old, and we felt completely burnt out, right. Completely drained.

So when we heard that we were projectors, and we’re not designed to work in that consistent way, it was a major lightbulb moment for both of us. We in fact were in tears because it just felt like everything made sense. Like everything clicked into gear. But then the next question was, how the heck do you only work two to four hours a day? Like that seems completely impossible.

So getting over that limiting belief is a big hurdle for projectors. The way that you do that is really by tuning into what do I see differently than other people? What is my special insight? Where do I love giving advice? Where do people come to me for advice?

So projectors have this aura that is designed to go into the other and see people really deeply. They also can go into businesses and systems and see those businesses and systems really deeply. They’re able to offer advice to make that person or that business more authentic, more aligned, and more efficient. So they’re really wanting to give that advice, and you’re kind of designed to see what that advice is and then be able to give it.

However, it does not work for a projector to give advice when that advice is unsolicited. Right? It can be extremely repelling. It’s like trying to feed a closed mouth. You’re like shoving food into someone’s mouth when they’re not hungry, and they’re like go away. Please stop giving me your advice.

So projectors strategy is waiting for the invitation, waiting for other people to recognize that you’re someone who sees things in a really clear and different way. Waiting for people to want your advice, to want your insight, to want your offering or your service, and to kind of come to you either energetically or verbally and invite you.

So when you first hear that as a projector, it can feel a little bit disempowering because you’re like I want to be a manifester. I want to do whatever I want whenever I want. I don’t want to have to wait for other people to invite me.

But when you can embrace this and really focus, like I said, on yourself, like recognizing yourself as a guide, building your arsenal of tools and wisdom and knowledge and really see yourself as that person who is here to guide, that’s when you start to attract that recognition, and you start to get big invitations to guide or to share your gifts or services with others. It feels so liberating actually. This is the thing that allows this two to four hours to actually come to life.

So it is kind of a journey for all of the types to embrace and accept and give themselves permission to be who they really are. But once you start doing that, you prove to yourself wow, I can’t believe this was possible. I always told myself it wasn’t. So the big thing for any projectors listening, start right now wherever you are just seeing if you can work a little bit less. Work two to four hours on the things that feel like they expend energy, even if you love it. The rest of the time you can be doing things that aren’t expending energy. They can still be work.

Like so for Shayna and I owning our own business, we really have to take inventory. Like podcasts for example, meeting with clients one on one, absolutely love it. It makes our hearts feel so passionate, but it does expend our energy. We have to limit those things to two to four hours a day. Then there are other things like brainstorming and creating content that we do like in our pajamas in our bed doesn’t feel like work at all. So it’s really starting to kind of just take that inventory, and, of course, waiting for that invitation.

Then we want to get to the last type, which is our reflectors. Only 1% of the population are reflectors. So they are like the unicorn in our human design world. Reflectors are individuals who are extremely empathetic. Their entire energetic system is like a sponge, drinking in, taking in the world around them, and kind of chameleon, becoming or mirroring temporarily the energy of the people in the world around them.

So they have this kind of sacred purpose of being a gauge where we can really look at our reflectors and see how is this person when I’m around them? In that I can see am I authentic? Am I healthy? Am I well? How are we as a collective? That’s going to be reflected in our reflectors. Reflectors really have this wisdom, this discernment. They can sense when someone is off track, when someone is not living in authenticity or wellness. We can really look to them for that advice and guidance.

Now, it can be extremely overwhelming, at first, to be reflector because you’re so sensitive. You’re always changing and shape shifting and mirroring. It’s really important to allow yourself to become something new every day and then empty that out and not identify with whatever you felt, but to see every new day as an experience. Like who am I today? Amazing. Let me learn from that. Let me offer my wisdom and discernment there, and then let that go. So allowing yourself to chameleon and become everything and nothing.

The strategy that really helps reflectors come into personal alignment is called waiting the 28 day lunar cycle. So reflectors are very connected to the moon cycle. If they can give themselves an entire lunar cycle, so about a month, to make important life decisions that are going to impact the course of their life, that’s really the thing that allows them to kind of like clear out all the stuff they’re picking up from the world around them and access their own inner clarity. So they can really make sure that they’re making this decision as their true self instead of just as a reflection or an amplification of what people around them are doing or wanting them to do.

So I know that there’s a lot there with the five types. Like honestly, we could talk about just the five types forever. But just from this conversation, you can see okay, which type am I? If I’m a manifester, let me experiment with just informing more. Letting people know what I’m wanting to do, what I’m thinking about doing. That’s going to create more ease for me and allow me more freedom.

If I’m a generator, how can I start listening to my body, not my mind, so that I can really start doing things that I love and start doing less of the people pleasing or what I feel like I should do. If I’m a manifesting generator, a little bit of both of those. Let me listen to my body, not my mind, give myself that freedom to be variety and diversity, and inform along the way.

If I’m a projector, how can I work a little bit less, focus on myself, and let people come to me, wait for that invitation. If I’m a reflector, how can I recognize the fact that I am this chameleon, enjoy that journey, but not identify with what I’m feeling from other people and give myself that entire lunar cycle to really come to my own clarity?

Natalie: There is so much here. Thank you for that explanation. I am blown away. I think it’s fantastic. I know that when we look up, it’s called the chart. That’s how you talk about it. Right? Is that right?

Dana: Yeah. Your chart or your body graph, either one.

Natalie: Okay. So when I’m looking at my chart, and I see lots of things, like you said in the beginning, I know that the main type is what we just discussed here and how helpful that can be to kind of at least get you started to think about your personality and your way of being and all those things.

Then from there for myself and for everyone listening, is it a matter of just kind of understanding what each of these other things does or what’s the point of them. Then also, I’d love to talk about if you explain it more in your book, and how we can use your book to kind of help us and just learn more about this and help us apply it to our lives.

Shayna: Yeah, absolutely. So the next thing that we would recommend looking at in your chart is your authority, your inner authority, and that’s your unique decision making center. Human design really reframes that your mind is here to observe, process, analyze, create, inspire other people, but it’s not here to make your big life decisions. That’s actually comes from a place in your body.

There’s eight different authorities, and it depends on what your chart looks like the authority that you’re going to have a consistent way for you to always access your truth and your intuition. So learning about your authority is huge to make your big decisions, and that’s really a big part of the experiment. So we would recommend are going to their next.

Then you can get into your profile, which is your personality. You can get into the unique ways that you are consistent or empathetic. We all have a different degree of how empathetic we are and how much we’re here to condition others in a healthy way. Then it gets into your channels and gates, which are your gifts. The gifts that you’re here to lean into, and all of the things that you do. Then into your life purpose of how do all these gifts come together, and what’s the energy you’re here to be in the world around you?

So it goes really deep. It gets really specific. Our podcast is an amazing resource because we talk about all of these different aspects in human design. But also yes, in our book, we get into the daily practice for each of the types, each of the different authorities, each of the different profiles. We give amazing affirmations that you can say everyday based on your chart.

We give rituals and meditations and crystals, essential oils, all of these different recommendations so that way you can ground this information that you might be learning a lot mentally, ground it down into your live daily experience. So the book is an amazing resource. We’re so excited for it to come out. Yeah. There’s just a lot of ways –

Natalie: Where can we find that? I think at the time this airs, it will just be out this week. So where can we find it? Is it Amazon, anywhere, on your website? Where do you recommend?

Shayna: Exactly. Anywhere books are sold. So it’s on shelves January 10th. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, our website, which is daylunalife.com. So if you’re international, there’s a ton of different links on there based on what country you’re in. Yeah. It’s really a deep dive into human design, but in an applicable way.

Natalie: Well, I know it’s coming. We’re recording this a little bit ahead of time. So I am so excited for when this airs. When it comes out, I will definitely be reading it. Thank you both so much for being here. Is there anything or anywhere else we can look you up?

Dana: You can go to our website, which is daylunalife.com. Our Instagram is @DayLuna, and our podcast is the DayLuna Human Design Podcast.

Natalie: Awesome. Thank you both so much.

Dana: Thanks so much for having us.

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