Working from home is amazing. It creates so much freedom in your personal life. 

I used to be an attorney at a corporate law firm. Then I was a CFP at a wealth management firm.

Now, I work from home full time running my own life coaching business.

It. Is. Amazing.

And it’s not just me who is loving working from home.

With everything going on right now with COVID, working from home is becoming more and more popular. Many people are not wanting to return to working in an office. 

Working from home gives us the freedom to control our personal time. It’s so freeing to be able to control your own work hours. 

It’s important to learn how to be efficient when working from home so you can have the most success.

How To Be More Efficient Working From Home

A big part of working from home is learning how to do it efficiently. Working from home can be truly amazing.

You no longer need to sit at a desk staring at a computer for hours on end. You have the ability to spend time with family members and enjoy personal time. And you can take breaks for fresh air and when you get hungry. You can be there for your kids whenever you want to be. You can get out and walk the dog during the day. You can start work at a more flexible time. There are so many benefits. 

Working from home has given so many people the ability to control their lives and set their own hours. It provides the ability to create a work life balance that is suitable to your needs. 

Even with all of the amazing things that working home can bring, it provides it’s own new set of challenges. 

When you’re working from home, it can be much easier to be distracted by things like social media and taking breaks. 

It can be amazing to be there for family. It can be very nice to have more room to breathe. However, staying focused can be difficult. There are so many distractions like watching tv, phone calls, social media, and other things going on in your home life. 

This can be even more difficult when you’re a parent. Family life can come in the middle of creating that distraction free environment. Your kids may interrupt your work phone calls or video calls. An unexpected family situation can throw off your work schedule. It’s necessary to learn how to accommodate for these unexpected circumstances. 

It’s important to learn how to stay focused while you’re building your work from home career. 

Here are some important things to know so you can have a distraction free environment.

How To Create A Distraction Free Environment 

When working from home it’s important to create a distraction free environment. 

Here are some tips for how you can get adjusted to working from home and stay focused. 

1. Create And Follow A Schedule

This can be the ultimate game changer for creating a healthy work from home environment. If there’s no schedule to follow, how can you expect to have a plan for success? 

It’s important to create a plan and stick to it. 

I like to use a calendar with time slots to avoid getting distracted. Everything has a specific place on the calendar to make sure that there is always enough time to get everything done without being overwhelmed. 

It’s important to allow for the proper amount of time. Don’t add too much or too little. You don’t want so much that you’re wasting valuable time, but you don’t want too little so you’re burning yourself out. This can take some trial and error, but it can help you stick to a plan and avoid getting distracted.

2. Prepare For Distractions

You need to be prepared for unexpected distractions. One of the beautiful things about working from home is the ability to improvise your schedule. Things can come up unexpectedly, but you have to have the flexibility to deal with them. 

It’s good to leave a little bit of flexible time in your calendar to account for any sort of unforeseen circumstances. Next time you’re distracted because your child needs help with something, you don’t need to lose time. You can move that thing you were going to do to a later time. 

Have a little extra free space in your calendar to prepare for unforeseen events. 

3. Set Aside Distractions

Put away anything that can be a distraction for you. Set up your office away from the TV. Don’t work in the kitchen just a few steps away from the fridge. Avoid social media apps. Wear noise-canceling headphones.

It’s also important to set up clear boundaries with anyone else in the house. Unexpected things may arise, but you can avoid some by setting expectations. When you let people know what you need ahead of time, you can avoid distractions. 

Let your kids know that their mother is working so they can be working too. Help them find a way to stay busy so you can stay focused on your tasks. Let others around you know your work hours so they don’t barge in on you. 

4. Have A Schedule For Breaks Throughout The Day

It’s so important to schedule your break times throughout the day. Give yourself clear times that you can take some personal time. Working from home full time can become consuming if time isn’t managed well. Have a time for lunch or for snacks. Set up a time to walk the dog or help the kids with homework. 

If you have clear plan for when you can take breaks, then you’re less likely to waste time. You won’t be tempted to let that break turn into ignoring your work. 

If you don’t limit your break time it can quickly turn into a whole day of unproductivity. 

5. Get Outside

A great way to take a break is to get outside. This is something you probably never get the luxury to do when you’re in the office. 

Going outside can be super refreshing. Working from home you have the opportunity to control where you get to go throughout the day. 

Go and take a walk. Or maybe take the kids to the park. Take yourself out for a lunch every once in a while. Some of these things may be limited due to COVID. But if you can, take the opportunity to get some fresh air throughout the day. 

You can even do something as simple as keeping a window open. 

6. Dress Like You’re Going To The Office

Every morning when you wake up, dress just like you would to go to the office. Show up as your best self, even if it’s just for yourself. 

If you wear make up at the office, wear it at home. If you put on jewelry at the office, put it on at home. You’ve probably heard the saying, dress for the job you want. This is true even when no one else is around. 

Maybe you want to be the CEO of your own company. Show up like you’re already a CEO. 

Remember, what you attract is what you’ll create more of. If you attract setting yourself up for success, then you’ll make more success. 

Imagine the future self you want to create. Decide to be that future self today. 

7. Remember To Communicate 

While you’re not going to the office, it’s important to remember to communicate. If you’re a remote worker you need to have good contact with coworkers. You still have a boss. You still have people who are depending on you. 

Make sure you keep your email open. Make sure you’re ready to receive phone calls. Be ready for video conferences by looking your best. 

When you’re doing remote work you still need to be reliable. Don’t let employers feel like you’ve become lazy since you’ve been home. 

Working from home allows you to have freedom, but you still need to remain dependable. 

This is the same if you’re the boss. You still want to lead well and give good direction. If you’re not communicating with your employees, then they’re going to slack off as well. 

8. Work Environment

The last thing to note is your work environment. The environment you’re in can make or break your work day.

Best case scenario, it’s great if you can have a home office. This environment allows you to close the door on everything else going on. You can be completely distraction free. You can post a note on the door with your work hours. And you can be set clear guidelines when others can enter. Having a home office can be a game changer when it comes to working from home. 

Not everyone has the ability to have that however. Sometimes, a home office can be as simple as having a desk somewhere in the living room. There’s nothing bad about this. You can still make it work for you. 

Make sure you at least have a place where you can sit up straight. Have a place that isn’t facing a TV or near the refrigerator. Keep the environment distraction free. Make sure the area is comfortable as well. Don’t sit in bed all day and create pain in your back. Make sure you have a place that suits your needs mentally and physically. 

A great way to create an efficient work from home environment is to have some work from home essentials.

Work From Home Essentials

The things on or by your desk can be a great way to make your home office a nice place to work. You can tailor the environment to your needs. 

There’s a lot of great ways to make your home office the best place for you. Here are some ideas of things you can add to your space.

Water Bottle

Having a water bottle right by your desk is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day. There’s so many benefits from drinking a lot of water each day so this is a great place to start. 

An Ergonomic Chair Or Standing Desk

A chair or desk that promotes good health is a great thing for a home office. You don’t want to be in constant pain as you try to get through the day.

Look for office furniture that keeps your back straight and allows you to be as comfortable as possible.

Bluetooth Speaker

Having a bluetooth speaker next to your desk can be great if music motivates you. Even better, you can get a smart speaker that you can ask to change the song. This may help you from going to a different application and getting distracted. 

Indoor Plants

Something as simple as an indoor plant can do wonders. They spruce up the environment. There’s also some that help keep the air around you pure. 


Keep your calendar, whether digital or pen and paper, close by. Make sure you always have access to it while you’re working so you can remember to stick to the schedule. 

Pens And A Notebook

Make sure you always have a place to write down ideas and notes. Keep everything organized on your desk so you find it as soon as you need it. 


Having a little decor can brighten your work space. You can have your favorite scented candle to keep things smelling nice. Or a nice picture of family. You can even have a favorite mug around for your coffee needs. Just make sure your decor doesn’t become a distraction.

Working from home can be life changing. There is so much freedom with working from home. When you do it, you want to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible. Keep the area distraction free. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Show up for yourself each time you get up and “go to work.” 

A Final Note

Recently working from home has become popular. It offers so many things that an office can’t. 

Just remember to stay focused.

Show up every day as your best self. Learn to be the most efficient you can be when you work from home.