Good parenting doesn’t just happen. On default, you’ll repeat what your parents did, make empty threats, try to get your kids to listen, and a number of other things that simply won’t work. Not only are they ineffective, but they’ll wreck havoc on your relationship with your kids. So, what do you do instead? Well, you can get started with these good parenting tips below.

You’ll learn simple, doable tips to help you show up as the mom you genuinely want to be.

Good Parenting Tips

  1. Do what you say you’re going to do.
  2. Lead with connection.
  3. Validate feelings.
  4. All feelings are welcome.
  5. Hold boundaries from love.
  6. Stay calm.
  7. Be on time.
  8. Repair when you make a mistake.
  9. Expect to be a human mom.
  10. Drop the mom guilt.
  11. Play without your phone.
  12. Get into your child’s world.
  13. But bring them into your world, too.
  14. Believe in your kids.
  15. Believe what your kids tell you.
  16. See the good inside your kids.
  17. Never call your kids labels like “bad” or “disrepectful.”
  18. Teach your kids what you want them to learn.
  19. Expect your kids to have challenges.
  20. Don’t try to solve their challenges for them.
  21. Help them be prepared in their challenges.
  22. Ask your kids questions that lead them to think for themselves.
  23. Take a collaborative approach.
  24. Respect your kids, even in infancy.
  25. Hold them, cuddle them, and be there for them.
  26. Don’t leave your kids by themselves when they’re upset.
  27. Let your kids explore alone.
  28. Don’t pressure your kids to have experiences you want.
  29. Normalize having a hard time with whatever they’re going through.
  30. Share relatable stories to their challenges.
  31. Learn and grow yourself.
  32. Prioritize your happiness, as an example for them.
  33. Don’t yell at your kids, unless it’s an emergency and there’s danger.
  34. Teach your kids the difference between acceptable and unacceptable actions.
  35. Get outside and play.
  36. Don’t “should” on your kids.
  37. Remember, you’re the guide of their lives, not the creator of it.
  38. Trust your kids.
  39. Trust yourself.
  40. Listen to what your kids have to say.
  41. You can say “I love you and no.”
  42. It’s not your job to make your kids happy.
  43. Relax around your kids so they feel comfortable relaxing, too.
  44. Let your kids quit things; it will lead them to their best life.
  45. Encourage your kids to pursue various things they show interest in.
  46. Praise effort over outcomes.
  47. Praise kindness and other admirable character traits.
  48. Teach your kids that failures are necessary to create your best life.
  49. Be open and available.
  50. Be the confident, sturdy leader that you were made to be.

A Final Note

Listen to the Parenting Podcast here for specific steps that show you how to implement many of these tools and show up as the mom you want to be! Listen here.

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