Moments where you feel connected to your kids, where you laugh until your belly hurts, where you make the right choice for your family all are examples of simple joys in motherhood that matter.

The simple joys lift your spirits, remind you why you love being a mom, and help you through challenging moments.

Here’s a list of 37 simple joys in motherhood:

  1. When your son says, “mommy, I love you.”
  2. The pitter patter of your daughter’s feet running to you.
  3. Big squeeze hugs.
  4. Their soft hands on your chest.
  5. The way you feel when you say, “I’m so proud of you!”
  6. Playing hide and seek when they hide right in front of you.
  7. When your son starts saying please and thank you.
  8. When your daughter wants to help cook dinner.
  9. Getting back family photos.
  10. Christmas morning.
  11. Feeling unconditional love, no matter what.
  12. Imaginative play.
  13. Seeing your kid make good choices.
  14. Cuddles, all the cuddles.
  15. Hearing your son talk about his feelings.
  16. Cooking together, or doing any other household activity as a family.
  17. Seeing your kids build skills that will serve them in adulthood, like laundry, cooking, feeling their feelings, and more.
  18. Running at playgrounds together.
  19. Getting to see who your child becomes, and letting them be themselves.
  20. Both soft/gentle love and fierce/encouraging love.
  21. Having your kids come to you when they fall down, make mistakes, or need support.
  22. Building things with your kids, like sand castles.
  23. Witnesses your kids’ personalities change and grow into who they were made to be.
  24. The ordinary Tuesday that is filled with mundane routine that is everything you ever wanted.
  25. Telling your daughter you believe in her and know she can achieve her dreams.
  26. Helping your son after he fails and seeing him come back stronger than ever.
  27. The seasons going by so quickly, changing in the blink of an eye.
  28. The journey you go on as a mom, growing each and every day, expanding your capacity to be the mom you want to be.
  29. Tickle sessions, hide and seek, forts, coloring, and other games your kiddos come up with.
  30. Seeing your child marvel at every little thing in life.
  31. Winter activities, like building snowmen, ice skating, and skiing.
  32. Summer sunshine, playing in the mud, beaches, swimming, sports, activities.
  33. Holiday festivities, like dressing up for Halloween and seeing your kids in their Easter outfits.
  34. When your son develops his reading skills and you get to witness the entire journey.
  35. Knowing that the comfort you provide your kids is the only comfort they need.
  36. Traditions that include your kids, like making homemade waffles every Sunday morning or exchanging ornaments on Christmas eve.
  37. Living your purpose, as you watch your family grow.

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